ZEISS i.Scription lens technology using i.Profiler to measure your prescription

even more clarity, contrast and brilliance for your eyes

"I'm as blind as a bat at night." Many say this without really thinking. At night, dawn or dusk many people do not see as well as during the day due to their dilated pupils. However, traditional subjective refraction is usually performed in bright light with the pupils contracted. Only the objective refraction enabled by the wavefront technology of the ZEISS i.Profiler®plus can also measure visual performance with dilated pupils. This allows us to to analyse the profile of each individual eye and order lenses featuring ZEISS i.Scription® technology for you. These can not only improve poor night and twilight vision, but they can also increase the contrast and clarity of your vision in the daylight.

As your eye profile is as unique as your fingerprint it is worth being assessed here in Kirkcaldy, Fife, with the sole i.Profiler Plus in Scotland, to find out how we can help improve your clarity, contrast and brilliance!

Precision measuring carried out by Cliff enables ZEISS to make your spectacle lenses to a very high accuracy (0.01 dioptres) matching your exact requirements precisely.

[A dioptre is a measure of the power of a lens. For example, a +2 dioptre lens you might use for reading brings parallel rays of light to focus at half a metre.}

Ordinary conventional lenses are only made in steps of 0.25 dioptres, however ZEISS precision lenses come as a real revelation especially at night when inevitably less light reaches the eye, so greater accuracy to 0.01 dioptres can be very beneficial.

Your pupil changes size and shape over different light levels and the i.Profiler® is the first machine to measure the effect of different light levels on your pupil size and prescription, so ZEISS can provide you with the best all round spectacle lens to give you optimum visual comfort throughout the day.

Added to this are the effects of light sources at night such as street lamps or the headlights of oncoming traffic, which can be both blinding and stressful to the eye and can make driving at night more hazardous.

Every day, hundreds of enthusiastic spectacle wearers find these negative effects are a thing of the past thanks to ZEISS prescription spectacle lenses featuring i.Scription®.

They have long since discovered the best ZEISS spectacle lens solution ever!

Cliff will be happy to show you how you, too, could see better with ZEISS precision spectacle lenses featuring i.Scription ® technology especially at night - making you a safer, happier and more relaxed driver.

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