Completely Contactless eye examination using ZEISS technology.

let's see the world again, safely

We are now taking routine eyecare appointments. Please email to arrange this.

We will be adding extra clinics to work through all who are overdue an exam, so please in the first instance an email would be of great help. We look forward to looking after you in a secure locked door setting with longer appointments, so you can see the world again, safely.

Let’s see the world again, safely.

You may feel like your eye health isn't a key focus right now. However, it's as important as any other time. Providing a safe and hygienic environment has always been a top priority for us all. And thanks to our long term partnership with ZEISS, we've implemented more safety measures including keeping a close eye on social distancing, regular cleaning, and using equipment that helps to minimise contact and risk. Once in the practice, we can show you the latest developments on our large display screen, rather than leaflets on worktops, to ensure you feel as comfortable and reassured as possible when you visit us.

Come in without coming into contact.

Thanks to our investment in ZEISS Vision Care Technology, we're also able to offer contactless consultations. Our i.Profiler Plus and VISUFIT 1000 from ZEISS Vision allows us to conduct a thorough assessment of your eye health from a safe distance, taking precise and exact measurements to ensure comfortable, natural vision.
We can then use our diagnostic suite from ZEISS Meditec to allow us to review your eyes using OCT, retinal camera, digital slit lamp and visual field screeners all interlinked on the highly successful networking software called Forum, making the Practice one of the most advanced available.


It’s ok to see us.

Get in touch to reserve your appointment on the waiting list for routine eyecare, if you feel your needs are essential then please see below and get in touch to discuss what we can do at this moment in time.

Please email or ring  01592 642422 

Phase 3: Increasing the capacity of practice service provision

"Community optometry practice premises may increase their provision by way of needs-led and/or symptoms-led emergency and essential eye care services, and start to meet outstanding eye care needs as capacity permits."  - Scottish Government 9 July 2020.

NEEDS-LED services will now extend to managing persons who get in touch with the practice regarding replacing spectacles/contact lenses and where, following a telephone triage, it is deemed necessary to see the patient in the practice as replacement spectacles/contact lenses cannot be provided remotely.

In addition to NEEDS-LED services being provided, emergency and essential care continue to be available during Phase 3.

Should you wish to discuss replacement spectacles to help with your vision or wellbeing, or have any problems you may have encountered through lockdown then please email or ring  01592 642422 , please leave a message if we can't take your call right away, we will call you back to discuss how we can help you appropriately.

All visits to the Practice are strictly by appointment, to adhere to infection control guidance from the Scottish Government. As one of two remaining Independent Opticians in Kirkcaldy we will be offering longer appointment times and we will be using our £180,000 of investment in ZEISS Digital Eyecare to benefit our Patients in a relaxing manner -one to one with a locked door policy to ensure safety.

Zeiss Visucam 200 retinal camera

Zeiss Visucam Pro Nm camera

Whenever possible we photograph everyone's retina with this superb dedicated retinal camera and we have developed the skill to photograph co-operative children as young as four when requested by the Hospital Eye Service. Retinal cameras have been available for many years using an external camera body, and laterally external digital SLR camera bodies. The Visucam is the first retinal camera to be designed from scratch using purpose made components including an internal camera made specifically for the task. This allows us to capture your retina in superb detail and monitor any change over time. Uniquely this camera is the first to have an automated montage function allowing a large panoramic view of your retina if required, similar to photostitch software we get with the latest domestic cameras.

In some cases we may need to put drops in your eyes to dilate the pupil for a better view, but we will advise you when making your appointment if you cannot drive after your thorough eye exam. The retinal picture is an important photographic record for the future so we have provided this service as part of your free NHS eye examination since 2008

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Zeiss Cirrus HD-OCT 3D retinal imaging

Cirrus HD-OCT being used with a patient

This is the single biggest investment we have made so we can scan your eyes in 3D and analyse your retinal structure. Particularly useful for analysing the macula, optic nerve head, front of the eye and any other area at the back of the eye which we would like to see in detail. Typically we can use this equipment to help detect, monitor and track any changes due to glaucoma, wet macula degeneration, dry macula degeneration, idiopathic intra-cranial hypertension IIH, anterior chamber, in fact just about any condition which can visibly change the structure of your retina. The best part of this machine is it allows us to visualise your eyes in 3D and show you the simple clear pictures, so you too can understand how your eyes are. This is not covered by your free NHS eye examination and costs £30 per examination, we actively suggest this be carried out especially for over 50s so we can baseline you when you are healthy in case of any future changes that may happen.


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Zeiss GDx VCC advanced glaucoma detection & monitoring

GDx VCC being used with a patient

Currently we have the only example of this in Practice in Scotland and is a dedicated machine for detecting glaucomatous changes to the retinal fibre layer, giving superb repeat analysis on subsequent visits and highlighting any changes. The test is quick as you simply look into the machine and look at a light with the test taking just a few minutes. With many patients glaucoma can be the "sneak thief of sight" creeping up on patients without them knowing it, the first sign of change may be a visual field loss, but when the visual field loss starts due to glaucoma you may have already lost up to 50% of your retinal nerve fibre layer thickness. The GDx VCC machine can detect changes before a visual field loss occurs allowing us to track change more efficiently giving you the best care we can provide. We are finding the GDx is also useful for monitoring idiopathic intra-cranial hypertension IIH patients in conjunction with the Zeiss Cirrus HD-OCT This is not covered by your free NHS eye examination and costs £40 per examination, we actively suggest this be carried out if there is a family history of glaucoma or if you simply wish to have a thorough digital examination.

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Zeiss FDT quick visual field scanner

FDT scanner being used with a patientWe use this quick screener on anybody who is old enough to understand what they have to do. The test itself takes only a few minutes for both eyes and involves you looking at a dot all the time, when you see a movement you press the button, it is as simple as that! If you wear glasses for distance then we can do the test with or without your spectacles, whichever is easier for you.

Should there be a change in your visual field then we will repeat it with our Humphreys 720i which is the Hospital Gold Standard for this and is therefore the machine that Consultant Ophthalmologists are familiar with should we need to refer you to them.

A simple visual field loss can be present for so many conditions across all ages so we feel an automated test is an ideal routine thing to do on a daily basis. This is included as part of the NHS Eye examination.


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Zeiss i.Profiler for i.Scription lenses

i.Profiler machine i.Profiler machine

The i.Profiler is one of the starting points of your eye test as it gives us so much information on the prescription you may need and how your eyes work in all light conditions. Using conventional spectacle ordering methods we have found that in many cases this has not been enough to fully correct a patient's eyes as they actually need a higher level of accuracy not previously possible. Using the i.Profiler we can assess quickly whether you would benefit from having this greater accuracy built into your new Zeiss lenses and we can measure your existing spectacles to see the difference. We still do the normal refraction check asking you "which is better 1 or 2," but this gives us a far more accurate idea of what you will be the best prescription to give you excellent vision.

If indeed you would benefit from these lenses then after the eye test we suggest frame styles andmeasure your face digitally using the RVT. We then upload your frame shape, digital facial dimensions and i.Profiler data direct to Zeiss in Germany who calculate how lovely and thin your lenses could be and once accepted production starts. Analysis on the Zeiss i.Profiler is included as part of the NHS Eye examination. CLICK HERE TO SEE THE VIDEO

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Zeiss Humphreys 720i Hospital Gold Standard visual field analyser

Humphreys 720i being used with a patient

We use this for any patients who have missed some thngs on the FDT. The test itself takes about five minutes for each eye and involves you looking at a white dot inside the big bowl with a patch over one eye, when you see a light flash you press the button, it is as simple as that! If you wear glasses for distance then we enter your prescription into the 720i and it calculates what special lenses we clip into a holder so you can see the white lights clearly.

When we are carrying out Binocular Esterman Visual Field assessment for the DVLA we use the 720i. For this the test is slightly different in that we do not patch any eyes, instead we ask you to look at the light at the end with your driving spectacles on (if required) and you press the button when you see a light appear.

Having the 720i means we have the same technology as the Consultants use, so our consistency is the same at every stage.This is included as part of the NHS Eye examination if you miss anything on the FDT quick visual field scanner.

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In Scotland you may be entitled to a free NHS Eye Test click here to find out if you quailfy . As your local Optician in Kirkcaldy, Fife, Scotland a thorough eye test with us will give you the chance to try our Zeiss Vision Experience giving you the best in eyecare, great style advice and the latest Zeiss lenses so everything remains in focus for you.

For an additional fee you can enhance your free NHS Eye test with our advanced 3D screening using Zeiss technology.


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